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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process that companies adopt technologies across their businesses to have major change. The value is to increase efficiency, higher business agility and, eventually, the expanding businesses, meet the requirements and achieve the objectives.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Driving major change is too difficult without a plan. The following items must be addressed during developing a DX strategy which are: Business Strategy Transformation, Enablement of new practices for agility, A seamless technology environment toward changes, business process reengineering, and people/culture change management.

Digital Transformation Enablement

Followed by support from the senior management, the organizations must do: Development of strategy and organizational change, Focusing on customer challenges either internal or external. Adopt an agile approach, and finally monitor and apply corrective actions


What are the five areas of digital transformation?

The areas to address digital transformation are: rethink about expand strategy supported by technology, reengineer processes to put technology in place, adopt new practices for agility, create a seamless technology environment for positive change and empower employees to innovate with technology.

How do you develop a digital transformation strategy?

Developing a digital transformation strategy is a continuous process where we conduct current state assessment to find gaps and areas of implement, along with benchmarking your business with competitors and key players in the market.

How is digital transformation strategy success measured?

During developing a digital transformation strategy, we define smart KPIs that touch different dimensions and factors. We keep monitoring these KPIs and make sure we apply corrective actions and define improvement areas to ensure success and customer satisfaction.