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We have experienced developers for solutions across the entire banking technology landscape. We enable our fin-tech clients to drive revenue and efficiency by delivering innovative and competitive tech solutions. Our typical fin-tech client can be a fin-tech provider, an investment bank, a retail bank, payment gateway - Payment Service Provider PSP, or a mobile wallet. We can help:

  • Enhance digital banking experience

  • Develop Payment Gateway Applications

  • Create new experience for online payments

Tech Start-ups

If you are a tech start-up wanting to bring your ideas anywhere from AI to IoT to life, then we can be your companion in this journey. We develop complex applications, deliver excellent product engineering services. Keep your product blueprint ready, and we choose the experienced team to help you get to MVP quickly for your next funding round. We help with:

  • AI & ML Solutions

  • Text Analytics & Search

  • Natural Language Understanding, Processing and Generation (NLU, NLP, NLG)

  • Integrated systems and IoT


The rules of competition have changed for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Disruptive forces have upended the industry, redefining the rules for how CSPs approach both consumer and business segments, as well as their own technologies. CSPs need to activate new paths for growth. Our vision for the industry is the result of research and industry analysis across shifting consumer, technology and business models trends, and their impacts our industry.

  • Bill payment and topups experiences

  • Data analytics and Next Best Action (NBA)

  • Telecom Product Management

  • B2B & Enterprise Telecom segments


We help you build the tech teams for your international or localized e-Commerce business. With us, creating an e-commerce website and selling products online is now within reach and budget. Whether you are a retailer, a start-up, a wholesaler, or a brand, we have an experienced team just for you. We can:

  • Create interactive e-commerce portals with modern and innovative UI

  • Support mobile commerce and payment gateway solutions

  • Help your business scale with cloud-based commerce platforms

  • Implement dynamic pricing models as well as support e-payment


We have an experienced team to develop healthcare software solutions for hospitals, laboratories, pharma companies, and more. Our team will help you ace digital healthcare by developing efficient healthcare software to help you lead the market, improve the quality of medical care and enhance the patient experience. Our team can deliver:

  • Practice and lab management

  • Provider and patient portals

  • Lab management

  • In-patient and out-patient care solutions

  • Chatbots

  • Inventory management

  • Digital workplaces