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Prepare Your PMO for Managed Services for Waterfall and Agile Methodologies

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Portfolio, Program & Project Management (PMO) Consulting

Our expert PMO consulting services enable effective and timely decision making and successful change management at all levels. Whether for a single project or an entire organization, a well-managed PMO aligns corporate strategy with goals and outcomes, and keeps teams on track for success. The approach is flexible for any organization, be it government or private, and scalable for PMOs at all levels. We work together to understand your organizational structure and your needs.

Establishing a new PMO equipped with standards, policies & procedures

We work with you to understand your organization's values, culture and operational goals and set up a PMO that combines the right mix of project management programs and services to meet your needs. We offer a combination of centralized and localized services for physical and virtual environments. , including resource management, performance monitoring and staff training. Whether at an individual, divisional or departmental project level or at a general company level, we develop an ePMO/PMO

PMO & Project Management Operations

Using our experience, knowledge and best practices, we develop, monitor and report on entities within the PMO mandate, tracking progress towards goals and keeping your operations on track for success. Whether the PMO covers a limited project or the operational function of the organization, our process is fully customizable and scalable. Our team can work on-site or remotely or a bit of both to stay in constant communication with the relevant people and departments.We will review the current PMO structure, we recommend providing specific improvements and offering a model to expand the scope and level of services to improve a PMO agile.


How do you operate PMOs?

We onboard certified project managers whom have PMP and Agile Scrum credentials to manage, lead and deliver projects on time, on budget, and within the scope. This also includes applying corrective actions, enhancements and revisiting the existing PMO policies and procedures.

I don't have full visibility on projects and program in the PMO. How can you help?

We will support implementing and deploying the most modenized and up to date project management tools so that stakeholders can have full visibility on projects through smart dashboards. Project managers will use these tools for reporting to their functional PMO leadership

Some projects cannot be implemented through Waterfall or Agile. What do you do?

Right. By Using our expertise, we will decide depends on the nature of the project, stakeholder expectation and Go-To-Market importance what would be the best methodology we should use to manage the projects.