The Two-Pizza Team

Tired of technical resources hiring and management?

Have your team in Jordan quickly and effectively, with technical consultancy, recruitment, team building, administrative services, managing finances and legal services

Build An Agile Product Oriented Team

Highly Skilled Resources

DIGITIN offers enhancing IT departments of organizations, by building offshore/onsite development teams and centers.

The two-pizza practice states that a team should have only as many people as can be fed by two pizzas. This model enhances productivity and motivates people to innovate through effective interactions.

Cost Savings

We help you reduce your overhead costs by building your teams at minimal expense.

Enhanced Productivity

We develop products for you that enable your team to focus on your business.

Tight Collaboration

We create cohesive teams and a positive environment to help them achieve a common goal.


We manage tasks and time efficiently, recording them in our internal systems which you can access on-demand.

Faster Development

Using the right tools, we quickly adapt to new requirements to develop products faster.

Effective Communication

We empower team-members to innovate and trust one another, and deliver precise solutions.

Our Satisfied Clients & Partners

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